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How it Works

DIY Dirt makes it easy to test your soil, making sure your garden will perform to its maximum potential season after season, grow after grow. 

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Why Testing is Important

A plants health is only as good as the soil it's grown in, and without testing it's one big guessing game. That's why a soil test is recommended to determine what is actually needed. DIYDirt makes it easy by offering a simple to use mail-in testing kit with all the tools needed.

Step 1

Take A Soil Sample

We provide detailed instructions to the fairly easy process, so no stress, we made sure to add all the details needed to take a good sample, we also included some small tools to help with the process. If you still have complex questions, feel free to contact us for advice.


Step 2

Ship to Lab

We also made it super easy to ship, once you've collected your soil sample, place it in the DIYDirt box, close and attach the provided free shipping label to the bottom of the package. Note, if the box was shipped to you, place your new label over the old label.

Step 3

Results Arrive!

Results will be viewable after testing which generally takes about 10-14 days after receiving sample. Once results are ready you will receive a notification. Results will be emailed as well as viewable and downloadable in your customer portal available on

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